Shipping Services

We can package and ship any item for you. Bring in your items with or without a box. We have plenty of sizes available for purchase. Your item will be packaged carefully

using quality materials. We ship anywhere in the world, in compliance with internal shipping laws and regulations. You pick the carrier.  FEDEX, USPS, or DHL


The Mail Room N’ More, Nampa, ID

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Ph. 208.465.1702

Fax: 208.465.1704

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from letters to precious heirlooms.

16432 N. Midland Blvd.

Nampa. ID 83687

We Ship anything, anywhere.....

Pick-up only

Mail Box Rental

Why Rent a Private         Mailbox?

* Physical street address-perfect for Home-Based-Businesses

* Receive packages from all carriers-no need to wait at home for a package

*Secure place for your mail

* Mail Forwarding available for travelers

*Call-in service to check your mail

* Privacy

Small Mailbox

3 Months-$10/Month

6 Months-$10/Month + 1 Free Month

12-Months-$10/Month + 3 Free Months

Medium Mailbox

3 Months-$15/Month

6 Months-$15/Month + 1 Free Month

12-Months-$15/Month + 3 Free Months

Large Mailbox

3 Months-$18/Month

6 Months-$18/Month + 1 Free Month

12-Months-$18/Month + 3 Free Months


Refer a PO Box holder and receive one full month box rental Free!

We can Also duplicate your keys.

Mail Forwarding Services

The Mail Room N’ More mail forwarding services are easy to use. YOU PICK the type of mail you want forwarded, or discarded... YOU CHOOSE how often you want the mail sent to you... You can pick a regular schedule, or just have it sent one time and then we will wait until you contact us again. This works very well for those on the move. You are NEVER locked into any schedule... You can change your instructions as often as your plans change.

In-store Computer rental

I-84 Exit and Midland Blvd.

near BestBuy

Notary Services

Come See Us When You Need Notary Service For:

  1. 1Contracts

  2. 2Legal Documents

  3. 3Real Estate Documents

  4. 4School Permission Slips

  5. 5Medical Release Forms

  6. 6Car Title Transfers

  7. 7Power of Attorney

  8. 8Child ID Kits

Starting at $5.00